Where Dreams Come True?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 @ 06:11 PM
posted by mrscaz

Let me preface this by saying, “I love Disney. My kids LOVE Disney. We have had annual passes all year and will most likely have them again next year.” Now, with all of that being said, lately there have been a few things that make me question what’s going on at the “Wonderful World of Disney”.

The last time the hubby and I took Bug and Super Dude to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I really began to question their hiring practices. Disney is known for having amazingly helpful staff all of which are always courteous, but not lately. Hubby said it seemed as though they went to a bunch state park workers and threw them into a position! I have nothing against park employees, my point is just that it seems like they just put people there with no training on how to make visits like fairy tales!

I am also very disappointed that our Annual Passes (which don’t have blackout dates) are subject to additional costs for “special” events. So even though we paid a small fortune to get the passes, now we have to pay an additional $50 PER PERSON to go Mickey’s Very Scary Halloween? I just don’t see how that’s fair.

Then, yesterday, I was cyber-shopping online like a lot of you out there, picking out the cutest items for Bug and Super Dude on Disney’s website because they had a great sale. Oh look, Phineas & Ferb slippers for Super Dude! What!?! Out of stock! Well, shoot….

But ok, it happens. Look at those PJ’s for Bug! She’ll Love them! Darn, they have all of them but one, she’ll have to make due with 6 PJ’s instead of 7. Anyway, all in all I was excited with all of the stuff I ordered. That is, until this morning, when I got this email:

“Dear Disney Guest:

Thank you for your recent Disney order.

We are sorry to inform you that the following merchandise was not available at the time your order was filled.  You have not been billed for these items.  We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.”

Two more items weren’t available. Ok, why is it that they could tell me that the other items where out of stock, but not those? Even with our kids belts company, we have a handle on our inventory and make sure we fill the orders that come it. Disney is a HUGE company, shouldn’t they have that stuff down?

I don’t know, may be it’s just me and the disappointment I am still feeling from not being able to get those Phineas & Ferb slippers…. They were really cute!


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