Where is the Dapper Snapper?!?!

Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 06:01 PM
posted by mrscaz

The dryer must've eaten the sock!

I’ve been making Dapper Snappers Kids Belts for 2 1/2 years now and I have lost more of them than I could count. How? Well, I think it’s the sock-eating dryer monster. I think it saw an opportunity for something even tastier than socks. Yeah…That’s what it was… Okay, maybe not. But losing a Dapper Snapper is so frustrating because you don’t know you’ve lost it until you HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!!!

Customers have been asking me for a solution to the missing Dapper Snapper problem for quite some time. The problem is that I’m the least organized person I know, so the solution evaded me until recently. It’s another example of ‘If something doesn’t have a where to be, it could be anywhere.’ So where oh where could I put Dapper Snappers where I won’t lose them? I think I found a rather simple solution that uses something you already own. That’s right! I’m not inventing a Dapper Snapper Keeper. I’m not asking you to buy anything. I’m not even suggesting you go out and get something you don’t already have. It’s this simple…

Make your own Dapper Snapper Kids Belts Keeper

TADA!!! See how easy that is? You can snap them around any hanger and hang them in the closet or, better yet, in your laundry room. This way you will always know where they are, because they have a where to be.


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3 Responses to “Where is the Dapper Snapper?!?!”

  1. What a fabulous idea lol! I’ve lost all of ours – had been hanging onto the last one for months and months, and now it’s MIA…. So glad to have a way to preserve my next batch lol!
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  2. KJ says:

    That works if you go into the closet all the time. Since we don’t, I put my son’s Dapper Snappers in the little lingerie bag where I keep his socks. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find the color I’m looking for (we got a 3-pack), but it works pretty well. So that’s another option. All of this assumes we remember to take the Dapper Snapper off the back of his pants before throwing them in the wash, however. We usually remember, but not always!

  3. Ashley S says:

    You know when you see something and think to yourself “DUh! Why have I not thought of that?!” Yeah, that’s me right now :) Thanks for the great idea!