Why AT&T Sucks but I’m Going to Use Them Anyway

Friday, September 9, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
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As you probably know, I am moving. The joys of moving involve such wonderful things as getting mail forwarded, getting a new license (because for some stupid reason they won’t give us a sticker), and of course, changing all of our services over to the new house. Hubby decided that he’s tired of DirecTv charging us up the wazoo for TV and the AT&T internet service we have bites the big one. He wanted me to check to see what we could get set up for both TV and internet at a better price. I was all over that!

Our choices that include both the services we require are pretty limited. We either go with AT&T Uverse or Brighthouse Cable. Brighthouse has a deal where we can get 250+ channels and up to 10 Mbps download speed for $94.99 with the price locked in for a full year.  AT&T Uverse has a deal where we can get 270+ channels and up to 12 Mbps for $88, but it’s only good for 6 months and then it jumps to $117/mo. I’m bewildered that they wouldn’t offer up a good price for a whole year. I don’t want to change services every 6 months because I can’t afford the outrageous price hike. So, between a phone call and an online chat, I found out why AT&T sucks but I’m going to use them anyway.

During the phone call, the guy I talked to was an @#%. He offered no help whatsoever and basically told me to go suck an egg (my interpretation of the poor customer service I was rendered). During the chat, I finally got an answer I could live with. Mind you, I gave the poor customer service guy absolute hell, but he held up well. Here’s the chat:

AT&T product specialists are happy to assist you with your questions. Click below to begin your live text chat.

Chat representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Info: Hello and welcome to AT&T, my name is Denzel. I specialize in setting up new AT&T U-verse service. Please provide me with the complete address where you would like U-verse services connected.

Denzel: Hello!  How may I assist you today?

you: what’s this $300 back offer?

Denzel: Ordering online today with AT&T U-verse TV (U-family or above), Internet and Voice selecting “AT&T Promotion cards” would qualify you for $ 300 Visa reward card.

Denzel: Which AT&T U-verse services are you interested in ordering online today (TV, Internet, and/or phone service)?

Denzel: To confirm, are we still connected?

you: wanted just tv & internet but it seems if I want to have a whole year in savings, I have to have a phone too

you: that sucks

Denzel: Thank you for the information, Have you decided on a specific AT&T U-verse plan TV, Internet and home phone online today? If not, I would be happy to help you choose one.

you: no

you: I just want tv & internet

Denzel: Great!

Denzel: Allow me to ask you a couple of questions to provide you with a plan that best suit’s your needs.

Denzel: What do you (or will you) use the Internet for in your home (i.e. downloading music, watching videos, gaming, pictures)?

you: I want tv + internet and want the price locked in for a whole year, not just 6 months

Denzel: I understand your concern, however currently we do have just 6 months  offer for TV and internet.

Denzel: Would you like to place an order online and secure the online promotions?

you: No, I want it for a year. If I can’t get it for a year then I will go to Brighthouse instead

Denzel: I see, in this case I would suggest you to call the customer care team to check for the 12 months offer for TV and internet.

Denzel: Would you like me to provide you with the number of our customer care department?

you: I’m on hold right now. Have been on hold for 20 minutes.

Denzel: I see, I would recommend you to try to call after some time. I assure that you will get your service set up through the customer care team.

Denzel: Can you think of any additional information you might need, or any questions I can answer about AT&T services?

Denzel: Do you have anymore questions for me? I would be happy to assist you with them.

you: no

you: the first person i talked to gave me the wrong number

Denzel: I see, Would you like me to give the number ?

Denzel: Could you please tell me which state you are in?

you: Florida

Denzel: Thank you for the information.

Denzel: For assistance with AT&T U-verse via phone, please contact Online Support at 1-877-252-1717.  Customer service is available Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm CST.  On Saturday and Sunday we are closed.

Denzel: Do you have anymore questions for me? I would be happy to assist you with them.

you: I finally got through to someone who said I have the wrong department (no fault of my own mind you) and she gave me another number 877-999-1085 and transferred me to some system that asked me repeatedly to “Please Wait” and then hung up on me.

Denzel: To confirm, do you currently have local home phone service (not wireless phone service) with AT&T?

Denzel: To confirm, are we still connected?

you: yes

you: no local

Denzel: Thank you for the information.

Denzel: Can you think of any additional information you might need, or any questions I can answer about AT&T services?

you: The guy I just talked to told me there is nothing he can do

you: I cannot believe that in a company the size of AT&T I can’t get the price locked in for a year.

you: I can’t believe that AT&T is so greedy that they would not allow their sales agents to make changes or exceptions to plans and pricing.

you: This is the worst service I’ve ever had to deal with and I will NOT be getting Uverse or telling anyone else to use it

Denzel: I understand your concern, currently as an online chat representative I do not have the information with regards to 12 months offer for TV and internet bundle.

you: Neither do the people on the phone. It seems no one can do anything.

you: If I can’t get a good deal now, I know that customer service down the road will also be very poor.

Denzel: I understand your concern, but due to security reasons, our online chat department only has the ability to assist customers while they navigate through the online order flow. For this reason, we do not have access to change any prices or offer any promotional deals or rebates that are not already stated online.

Denzel: There is no contract with AT&T U-verse service. The service is on a month to month basis.

Denzel: I am happy to inform you that there are no upfront charges right now. You will be billed on your first monthly bill.

Denzel: Your monthly billing for AT&T U-verse services will only begin once services have been installed at your location.

Denzel: I would suggest you to place your order now to secure the online promotions and after 6 months you can call the customer services to check for exciting offers for existing customers.

you: I can get better service elsewhere. The “security reasons” line is a load of bull. And I would gladly be locked into a service plan to have the price stay down (which is what I’ve been requesting from the get-go). So the fact that AT&T is unwilling to work with me tells me all I need to know.

you: You want me to check back in 6 months on the chance that there might be a deal for existing customers? Does that happen very often?

Denzel: Yes, we offer wide range of offers and discounts to our valued customers.

you: And what do you have right now?

you: for example…

you: Still there???

Denzel: I certainly understand your concern; however all the online promotions are based on market analysis and hence I would not be able to offer you the promotions for 12 months.

you: I’m confused

you: What are you talking about?

Denzel: We always have promotions for existing customers and hence I would suggest that you place an order online and then call the customer to check the promotions.

you: Are you saying that I would have the service for 6 months, then not be able to get any promotions for another 6 months after that?

you: I want to know what you are offering existing customers right now. This way I have an example of what to expect 6 months from now.

Denzel: What I meant to say is that you can have the promotions for 6 months and then you can call the customer services to check for additional promotions after 6 months.

Denzel: As an online chat representative I specialize in setting up new account for AT&T U-verse  TV, internet and voice and hence I would not be able to share the promotions for existing customer.

Denzel: We have a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to cancel within the first 30 days of service without incremental termination fees and your cash back on any of the monthly recurring or one-time charges for service.  However, you will be responsible for any additional charges including, but not limited to Video On Demand, Pay Per View, international calls, any pay for use feature and non-returned equipment charges.

you: So you know the promotions but you can’t share them because I am not an existing customer?

Denzel: I am sorry for the confusion, what I meant to say is I do not have the promotions as I specialize in setting up new account for AT&T U-verse TV, internet and voice.

you: Okay, so what assurances are there that in 6 months from now I will be able to get an existing customer promotion?

you: Or am I to take my chances in hope that there is one?

Denzel: I can assure you that we always have promotions for existing customer and there are always changes made depending on the customer’s requirements.

you: Thank you. That’s all I wanted to know.

Denzel: Also as you would not be signing a contract for TV and Internet bundle you can always cancel the services and you would not be charged anything.

Denzel: Do you have any additional questions for me before we begin your order online? I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

you: As I said before, I don’t care about cancelling the service. I don’t want to cancel a service. I just want tv and internet at a reasonable price.

you: I do not have any other questions. I thank you for your time.

Denzel: Thank you for chatting with AT&T today.  It has been a pleasure assisting you. Should you need further assistance today, please click on the chat button to chat with us again. AT&T appreciates your business. You may click the Close button on the chat window to close this chat.

As I said, I gave him hell. I just wanted to know that in 6 months time I can call up AT&T customer retention department and have them kiss my booty to keep me as a customer. And now you know too.

That’s all I have for now. I will let you know how it works for me. Oh, and DirecTv; I will miss you very much!


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